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No. 1.  Boraxo Mod!

Scenes From New England Basements

A series of occasional images.  Check back for updates.

No. 2.  Somebody's baby.

No. 3.  Don't know, don't want to know.

No. 4.  Tiger Beat and oil tank

No. 5.  Blessed are the pegboards, for they shall inherit the coathangers.

No. 6.  Resting place of unused wreaths

No. 7.  Synchronicity

No. 8.  Scrap in black and white

No. 9.  The geometry of function

No. 10.  Best friends

No. 11.  This just about sums it up

No. 12.  Wire we here?

No. 13.  New Hampshire, where the floor beams still have the bark on

No. 14.  Irreconcilable differences

No. 15.  No place for unicorns

No. 16.  Just an ordinary, everyday basement

No. 17.  Shapes and Shadows

No. 18. "Let me out--it's almost my time!"

No. 19. The last remains of Moby Dick (the label says "Spermaceti - from Sperm Whale").

No. 20.  Jim and Nick at the threshold - 1943.

No. 21.  What's for Dinner

No. 22.  Big square oil tank.

No. 23.  Abandoned cat toy.

No. 24.  The Inspector at work.

No. 25.  Galactic Apocalypse.

No. 26.  Where does it lead to?

No. 27.  Cardboard a capella

No. 28.  Dessicated salamander.

No. 29.  Suspended animation.

No. 30.  Levitating chair.

No. 31.  Dusty old hangers.

No. 32.  Naugahyde abstraction

No. 33.  Guess!

No. 34.  Ghost in the box.

No. 35.  Just add Hellfire.


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