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Looking for a house, condo, or mobile home?

Let's get together for comprehensive buyer consultation, so you know what to expect.  Until then, here are some resources to assist you...



Eight Steps.  A simple guide to the complex process of purchasing a property.


The House.  You've probably already been searching properties online, on Zillow,, etc.  If not, try my site:

     But I can also set you up to receive immediate emails of new listings that meet your criteria, with more robust criteria than the major portals, so call me if you're interested in that service.  

     Keller Williams also has a mobile app that is GPS-enable, so as you're driving around you can pull up nearby listings and see full details (or check out what's for sale wherever you're vacationing!)

     And as a Buyer's Agent I can help uncover other properties that might meet your needs, wants, and wishes.  Contact me for more information.




The Money.  Your lender will be an essential partner in the process.  Here are several I've worked with successfully.


And here is a useful guide to the mortgage process, courtesy of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, based on new rules that took effect in October 2015.


Buyer's Agent?   Should you hire one?  The short answer is Yes.  The seller has an agent looking out for their interests--shouldn't you?  Read my longer, more detailed answer.


Househacking.  Let someone else help you pay your mortgage.  

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