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"There are two kinds of real estate investors: those who get rich, and those who quit too soon."  - Shaun Reilly

A house is frequently called "most people's biggest investment."  Some would argue that it shouldn't be, but buying a house can be an important step toward wealth creation.  But one need not stop there--there are myriad ways to invest in real estate and build the foundation for financial freedom, and I'm ready to help you out, whatever your goals or strategy.


The Best Resource that I've found for new and experienced investors is an online community called Bigger Pockets.  I encourage you to explore the site--their forums, resources, publications, podcasts--and engage with their community.  There are no "get rich quick" schemes or sales pitches, just straightforward advice and encouragement from investors with a wide range of experience.


Get Started.  Their Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing is an excellent starting point, and it's one of several excellent--and free-guides available on the site.



Get Networked.  If you're new or experienced, the New Hampshire Real Estate Investors Association's monthly meetings are a great way to network with other investors and service providers in the area.


Library.  Here you will find a list of books I've found to be very useful and that have been recommended by others.


KW Commercial.  If you're interested in more commercial real estate, I can refer you to one of our experienced commercial brokers.


Househacking.  Letting someone else help you pay your mortgage can be a good entry point for investing.

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