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Not every house is the same.

No two people are the same.

You have options!

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For most people, getting the best price for their property is the priority, and my marketing plan and professional services will definitely accomplish that.

But for some, timing and convenience are more important.  They don't want the hassle of preparing their home for sale--making repairs and updates, cleaning, staging, etc.--and they don't relish the uncertainty of inspection results, a bank's appraisal of the property, or whether a buyer can ultimately qualify for a loan.  Maybe they view a house as more of a burden than an asset, or they need to sell quickly to avoid credit issues or to satisfy legal requirements (divorce, judgements, etc.).

If that sounds like you, my Simple Sale program can help.  I can purchase your property directly, without needing inspections or appraisals--we simply agree on a fair price, and in as little as two weeks you can have your funds.  No effort on your part, no stress, and no waiting a month or two for an uncertain conclusion.

The Simple Sale program can be used for single- or multi-family properties, condos, mobile homes, and land.

Some other options that might work could include:

                    - Assumption of mortgage, which can help you preserve your credit.

                    - Wraparound purchase, to relieve you of burdensome payments.

                    - Seller financing, to maintain an income without the headaches of ownership.

CONTACT ME for a no-obligation consultation, or fill out my PROPERTY INFO FORM.  You may decide that listing to sell for the highest price is the best way to go.*  My goal is simply to help you determine the best option for you.

* To avoid any conflict of interest, if I make an offer under the Simple Sale program and you decline the offer and decide to list the house instead, I can no longer purchase it.  That ensures that our interests align and, once it's listed, my only incentive is to help you get the highest price possible.

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