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14 Highland St.

Hooksett, NH

9.9 acres

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MLS# 4899386




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14 Highland Street is a vacant parcel situated about equidistant between the river and DW Highway on a rise of wooded land, in a nice residential neighborhood.  Currently the property has no road frontage--a town-owned parcel cuts it off from Highland Street, but if that access is resolved, this would be a picturesque setting to build on.  It is zoned Medium-Density Residential, which allows for multifamily properties, and it also abuts several other large, undeveloped parcels in the rear, which might present an opportunity for future assemblage.

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As you can see from the GIS map below, 14 Highland Street is cut off from access to Highland Street by 16 Highland Street, which comprises two sections on either side of the triangular-shaped portion of 14 Highland.  On the GIS map there appears to be a building that is partially on both lots—that was a church that was demolished in 2013.  If you visit the property you’ll see a large asphalt parking lot, which does still lie partially on both lots.  Click here to read a letter dated October 18, 2012, from Matt LaBonte, town code enforcement officer, explaining the history of the property.

In June of 2015 a tax deed was executed conveying 16 Highland to the town, and the outstanding taxes, penalties, etc., on that lot exceed $100,000, although I have not been able to get an exact figure from the town.  An employee at the town administration offices said the town will be reviewing their inventory of property and deciding which ones can be disposed of at auction, so there may be an opportunity to acquire 16 Highland to create access to 14 Highland.

16 Highland labeled pic.jpg
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6 - View of parking lot and Highland.jpg
5 - View from point on Highland.jpg
8 - Parking lot and church foundation.jpg

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At the front and to the west the lot is relatively level or has a slight slope; toward the back it drops down to a stream.  The front of the lot, where the church used to be, has a nice westerly view of the sunset.

10 - From rear looking to Highland.jpg
11 - Facing sunset.jpg
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